Jade Roller

Jade Roller

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Benefits of Jade Rolling:

Helps with Lymphatic Drainage

Puffy morning face? A Jade Roller can help with draining the extra fluid that collects around your eyes and cheeks. Lymphatic fluid is waste that is flowing out of your lymph nodes and needs to be returned back to the cardiovascular system. Massaging around the eyes has been a common treatment for chronic sinus and immune issues for years! 

Eases Skincare Absorption

I’m the queen of getting my expensive serums all over my pillowcase (Probably because I knock out minutes after my nightly skincare routine.). If you find yourself with this conundrum, Jade Rolling can help! Faster absorption means less waste and way more effectiveness! As an avid rose-hip oil user, I can definitely feel a difference in the way my face feels the morning after an application. Plus no more stains on your white satin pillowcases! 

Reduces Under Eye Darkness

‘Tis the season of waking up before the sun rises. Plus, with a to-do list that gets longer every day, it isn’t surprising if you are waking up with dark circles. Although yes, sometimes darker pigmentation is genetic, you can deal with the awful bags and darkness combo with Jade Rolling. The cooling sensation can make the underlying blood vessels smaller. 

Massages Face

Anyone who has ever had a professional facial can attest to the amazing feeling of getting your face massaged. Why are face massages so crucial? Putting pressure on certain points of your face can relieve tension. Think about all the teeth clenching, squinting, and straining you do all day. The pressure the jade puts on certain angles of your face can help with loosening up your facial muscles!

Increases Circulation

There are so many benefits of increased blood flow. The best one, in my humble opinion, is definitely the healthy-flushed skin that results from weekly Jade Rolling. Moreover, other incredible benefits include: anti-aging properties, less stress, the appearance of being more rested, and soothing inflamed acne!

So, How Do I Get Started?

Here’s the best part… Jade Rolling is incredibly easy. Toss your roller in the refrigerator for a few hours, apply your favorite moisturizer or serum, and roll the roller from your neck towards your forehead in short, careful strokes.