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SEED + SOUL Natural Affordable Cruelty Free Skincare

Our “why”

We know what it feels like when your skin isn’t at its best - it can really knock your confidence. With so many negative forces coming at you from all directions we are here to help you repair, inside and out.

Our cruelty free, natural skincare products are made for women, by women, and are all tested on real people (never animals) so we know they get real results. If your skin is a bit ‘tricky’ talk to us today.

You don’t need to keep spending your hard earned cash on products that don’t work. Our products are affordable and effective because we only use high-quality skin nourishing ingredients sourced in New Zealand and leave the nasties out so you’re getting pure skin-loving products that actually work.


Our process

Fixing your problems is our jam so all of our products (like our brand) start with a need.

After we’ve selected the best ingredients and formulated a killer product, we test and then test again using willing participants.

Only once we know the product gets results and passes the ease of use test do we release it.

Then we package the products in the most environmentally friendly packaging (usually glass) and ship them to you in recycled and/or eco-friendly shipping bags.

We regularly put out calls for product testers so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page if you’d like to help us shape future products.

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