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Why it’s time to break up with face wipes

Why it’s time to break up with face wipes

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about all things skin but want to know something we’re equally passionate about? The environment.


Throughout the process of us crafting your favourite Seed+Soul Skincare to the packaging you receive your product in, every step has been thoughtfully conducted to support a healthy and thriving environment.
That’s why we’re here today to tell you that makeup wipes actually suck. Not only are they unkind to your complexion but they’re really (and we mean really) unkind to the environment.

If you’re still using face wipes to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin at night, we want you to keep reading and learn why it’s time to break up with them.

Face wipes significantly contribute to landfill with every wipe that’s pulled from a packet. They are a single-use item that has no ability to be composted or recycled. This means that when you’re finished with the wipe and throw it in the trash, it’s ending up in our landfill and oceans.
To make matters worse, the packaging they come in is also a single-use item with plastics used to keep the product secured. Both the wipe and its packaging take hundreds of years to break down as they sit on an ever-growing pile of landfill. All that and it doesn’t even take your makeup off correctly? Yikes!

Many still turn to face wipes to cleanse their skin in the evening which is unfortunate because they are not manufactured to cleanse.


They’re not a cleanser but rather something that’s been designed to breakdown the particles in your makeup. This means despite seeing some foundation or mascara on the wipe, your skin isn’t truly clean and there’s plenty still on the skin that needs addressing.

Instead, what the face wipe has done is smear leftover makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities around the face which leads to irritation, breakouts, and congested pores. What’s the most alarming about this is that in addition to the debris remaining on the skin, the harmful ingredients in face wipes also start a party on your complexion.
We’re talking aggravating preservatives, sulphates, and an abundance of fragrance that a nightmare in the making for those with sensitive or already irritated skin. If there’s no proper cleansing routine involved, none of this is being removed from the skin and will continue to build up and cause you some pretty serious skin frustrations!
As you wipe your skin with the face wipe, you’re also manually exfoliating it. As we know, exfoliating is only required 2-3 times per week so if you’re using a wipe 2 times per day, that’s a tonne of unnecessary exfoliation action. As a result, your skin’s barrier can become severely disrupted and lead to the likes of inflammation, redness, sensitivity, and aggravation of breakouts.

Too many are choosing wipes that contain harmful ingredients and serious environmentally threatening packaging. So, what do we suggest instead? A proper daily cleansing routine.


The skin needs the proper care and nourishment that comes from a thorough double cleanse each night.


The first cleanse, ideally with an oil-based cleanser, allows you to effectively melt away the day’s makeup, oil, and sunscreen before the second cleanse, often a creamy based cleanser, finishes off the hard work by removing sweat, impurities, and any leftover residue. Add in a balanced exfoliation routine, 2-3 times per week, and we’re able to enjoy the benefits of a fresh and glowing complexion with healthy to cell turnover.

The best part? All your other skincare products can now work their best as you’ve ditched the smeared makeup and said hello to a clean and prepped canvas!

If you’re ready to breakup with face wipes for good, we’d love to invite you to check out our range of sustainable and skin-loving cleansers. Our Seed+Soul Starter Pack is also the perfect day one to a more environmentally conscious skincare routine. It’s got everything you need for glowing skin and a thriving planet.

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