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Why is everyone obsessed with face oils? With good reason! Here's why.

Why is everyone obsessed with face oils? With good reason! Here's why.

What’s not to love about face oil. From the moment its sumptuous blend touches your skin, face oil welcomes an abundance of nourishing vitamins and antioxidants. Without a doubt, luxurious face oils have been the hot topic of skincare for the last year and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Thank goodness to that we say! Repairing, nourishing, hydrating and revitalising, a high-quality natural face oil could be what’s missing from your daily skincare ritual.


The facts of face oils

Did you know that the outermost layers of your skin are actually oil based? This means when we apply face oil to our complexion, our skin immediately vibes with it! Complementing the natural oils in our skin, face oils play an important role in our skincare routine and act as a protective barrier against harmful free radicals, water loss and environmental stressors.
Depending on the face oil you choose, it may be rich in skin-loving antioxidants. These superstar ingredients are actual skin saviours. They work hard to protect your skin from free radicals that can lead to accelerated ageing, skin sensitivity and a compromised barrier. What makes face oils stand out from the crowd is that they are ultra-concentrated which means you’re receiving a serious dose of the ingredients in just a few drops. In as little time as three weeks, introducing a face oil from our range to your skincare ritual can see a significant reduction in fine lines, an improvement in hydration and firmer, smoothing feeling skin.

It's all about the ingredients 

Now, we get it. It sounds counterintuitive to apply more oil to an oily skin type, right? It’s important to note that the ingredients in your favourite face oil are not the same as the ones impacting your skin!
Caused by a multitude of reasons including genetics, hormones, diet and skincare habits, oily skin types are caused through an overproduction of sebum in the sebaceous glands. The skin feels like it needs compensate for a loss of hydration and as a result, produces oil in overtime. With nowhere to go, it leaves the skin feeling extra shiny and can lead to breakouts and acne.
Despite its many causes, the factor that connects all oily skin types is a lack of moisture. Skincare saviours like face oils can actually be incredible for oily skin types as its not only replenishing the skin’s moisture but locking it in! By sealing in the moisture, oil flow can become more balanced and slow down its unnecessary overproduction.
Oils that are rich in linoleic acid, like rosehip, are best for this skin type as its incredibly lightweight and has a thinner consistency. Many oily skin types lack linoleic acid so oils like our Turn Back Time Face Oil and Peeper Perfector Under Eye Oil do a brilliant job at bringing the balance back to the skin. Thanks to its lightweight consistency, linoleic acid doesn’t get trapped in the pores like thicker oils and instead, focusses on nourishing the skin and retaining much needed moisture.
Arguably the most loved feature of face oils is the gorgeous glow it gives our skin after applying! Infact, the glow goals are so to die for that many makeup artists have started to incorporate face oil into their skin prep routine. Unlike heavy face creams that sit on the skin’s surface, face oil seamlessly absorbs into the skin and leaves you with a plump and hydrated base for foundation or tinted moisturiser.
If you’re chasing serious glow for the day, pop a few drops of face oil into your foundation itself or apply to the high points of your brows and cheeks in replacement of highlighter. The result is a stunningly natural and healthy glow that totally looks and feels like you.

Glow on, join the face oil squad! Visit Nourish on the Seed+Soul website to discover our favourites.

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