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What's so special about antioxidants? We give you the glow down.

What's so special about antioxidants? We give you the glow down.

What’s so special about antioxidants?

When it comes to skincare ingredients, antioxidants are one of the hardest working ones out there. They’re the ultimate multitasker that are known for delivering many skin-loving benefits at one time.
If you’re new to antioxidants, they’re your skincare protectors.
Each day, our skin is exposed to stressors in our environment known as free radicals. Now, we know they sound like a cool rock band but they’re actually really bad for our skin.
So, what is a free radical? You’ve no doubt seen the term thrown around a lot in the beauty space but not many have explained what they actually are. Free radicals are molecules that have become unstable. To gain lost stability, they react with other molecules which creates a skin-damaging chain reaction. Through the likes of pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays and chemicals, free radicals can be triggered. When our body experiences too much of this, it’s known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress makes slows down our defence mechanisms and makes it harder for us to fight off these stressors.
We need antioxidants in our skincare routine because as we get older, our body’s ability to fight off these aggressors weakens but our exposure to them does not. 
Fortunately, antioxidants, like Vitamin C, are the most effective way of combatting the long-term skin damage they cause. Antioxidants have been scientifically proven to fight off free radical damage when applied each day in our skincare ritual. In conjunction with SPF protection, your morning skincare routine can really set you up to prevent and recover from these stressors.
Antioxidants have an impressive ability to soothe, calm and restore compromised and irritated skin. One of the most well-known antioxidants to do this is Vitamin B.
What we love most about Vitamin B is that its suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. If your skin is prone to breakouts, redness or hyperpigmentation, this antioxidant is going to support the calming of redness and soothing of any inflammation that comes with these skin concerns. Phew.
Just when you thought Vitamin B couldn’t be more impressive it works its antioxidant magic on the appearance of enlarged pores, skin texture and the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles too.
In addition to their ability to soothe and calm, antioxidants can also be your healing solution. Thanks to superstar antioxidant, Vitamin E, your skin’s healing process can be accelerated. Yep, that’s right! It helps to speed things up! It does this by repairing damaged skin cells and keeping your skin’s barrier intact. By doing this, we’re able to lock in much needed moisture and prevent the skin from feeling dry and depleted.
Both our Calm The Face Down and Blank Face Baby moisturisers feature the divine Blackcurrant Seed Oil which boasts one of the highest amounts of Vitamin E available which makes healing and calming compromised skin with antioxidants incredibly easy. You’ll often see Vitamin E paired with other antioxidants, like Vitamin C. This is because it’s so clever and actually enhances the performance of complementary antioxidants. What a superstar.
Now, when we mentioned antioxidants were good at multitasking, we weren’t joking! Whilst fighting off skin-damaging aggressors, they’re also speeding up your cell renewal process (aka anti-ageing) too.
Vitamin A is the most well-known antioxidant for anti-ageing (that’s a lot of A’s, right?!). An antioxidant that can travel deep into the skin, Vitamin A supports the skin to feel firmer, younger and plumper. It minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst seriously improving skin texture and tone. This antioxidant packs a punch which is why you’ll often see it pop up in evening skincare products.
Thanks to its small molecular structure, Vitamin A can work its way down to where many skin concerns originate. That’s why on top of being an anti-ageing hero, it’s a brilliant antioxidant for those with blemished skin. It works to unclog pores and manage active breakouts whilst softening the appearance of unwanted acne scars.
Carrot Seed Oil, the hero in our Turn Back Time Face Tonic, is rich in this superstar antioxidant to bring balance and radiance to the skin like no other. Gosh, these antioxidants really deserve a pay rise!
There’s so much to love about antioxidants and their ability to truly transform and protect our skin. Whatever stage of life you’re at, there’s a need for antioxidants in our skincare routine. From ageing to blemishes, brightening to calming, antioxidants are the incredible powerhouses behind loving the skin you’re in.

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