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What to expect when switching to natural deodorant

What to expect when switching to natural deodorant

So, you know by now that traditional deodorants are not good for you, plain and simple, they contain aluminum – yuck.

Making the switch to a natural deodorant can be daunting. Will it work? Will I be a sweaty mess? Stress-less babes here is what to expect!

They’re a little harder to apply

It feels a bit like a hard, gritty ChapStick when applied. (The combination of shea butter, baking soda, and wax created this feeling).

How do you get around this? Easy, hold the product against your underarms for a few moments before swiping on to allow your body heat to soften the solution. 


Many natural deodorants melt in the heat

Many natural deodorants melt much easier than their non-natural counterparts. 

Store your deodorant in a cool, dry place to minimize the chance of it melting and separating. If it does melt for some reason, just stir and pop it back in the fridge to harden. 


Many natural brands lack strong scents

The ingredient "fragrance" is found in many cosmetic products and often implies the product contains chemicals. The fact that some natural deodorants are unscented makes sense.

For heavy sweaters, the scent is essential to shield B.O. If you’re concerned about odour, always choose scented natural deodorants.


Baking soda can irritate the skin

Unfortunately, some people can get sensitivity to the natural ingredients in, erm, natural deodorants.  

This is either because your body needs a bit of time to adjust to the natural ingredients or, the deodorant you’re using has a high concentration of baking soda. 

Little Mango Deodorants have a lower concentration of baking soda than many, so you're less likely to get a reaction. *whoop*

If you do react, please stop use immediately until the reaction disappears. 

Once the reaction has cleared up try using the sensitive deodorant every second or third day.  As your body adjusts to the baking soda, you will be able to work up to using it daily, and soon be able to use the mid-strength or super-strength deodorant.  


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