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Welcome to Absolute Love August!

Welcome to Absolute Love August!

We are bombarded with pressure to look or act a certain way consciously and subconsciously and this can be super damaging and worst of all we internalise it instead of directing that anger at the true culprits.

At Seed and Soul, we believe beauty comes from within and all August we are going to be bringing you content and advice from some amazing bloggers on health, wellness, self-compassion and body positivity to help you to believe it too! 

Get ready to say f* you to the internal struggle and impossible beauty standards that are forced down our throats and start loving yourself. 

Our first guest post is from Hayley Weston at Create.Eat.Nourish - talking about “The Other Self".

“The “other self” I refer to is the part of you that tells you “no”, “you aren’t good enough for that”, “what will others think?”, “that’s a bit silly!” and so on. From time to time this other self comes out to play more often than not.” Read Hayley's full post here 

Hayley is an entrepreneur, photographer, motivational speaker, writer, and food lover – but most of all an optimist, and a teacher of self-love and worth.

Next up, we have practical tips to get you started with Meditation to Bring Peace into Your Life by Kimberley Stewart.

Kimberly is an international psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader and past life specialist from Auckland, New Zealand.

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