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Under $50 for the under 30’s: Christmas Gift Guide

Under $50 for the under 30’s: Christmas Gift Guide

H Schroder Jewellery - $45

Gold Plated Amethyst Pendant. Protective crystal, promotes positive thinking, calms the mind, facilitates decision making, balances highs and lows. 

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Cleo Shinade Art print - $30

Cleo is an Auckland based artist who loves drawing babes AND they are absolutely gorgeous and would make the perfect gift for any budding art lover.

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Loves-Me-Not: An essential guide for keeping relationships safe - Free

Loves-Me-Not is an essential read for all women, no matter what their age which shows how to recognise signs of abuse, and provides strategies to cope. The book is supplied free of charge to students undertaking Loves-Me-Not, and can be used in future years to give young people sound advice. 

For more information please visit The Sophie Elliot Foundation 

Refined Handmade Makeup Bag - $15

This versatile little pouch has many uses including makeup/cosmetics storage, coin or cash pouch, jewellery storage or to hold your phone and accessories.

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Slick Rick Cleansing Balm - $19

Wash away makeup and the day all in one with the Slick Rick clay cleansing balm. The perfect cleanser to keep pimples at bay. Plus it can also be used as a lip or healing balm!

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Calm the Face Down Moisturiser - $18

Sun damaged skin got you seeing red? Calm the Face Down! Chamomile not only naturally reduces redness in the skin but also soothes the mind.

The creamy texture of this moisturiser combined with the grapefruit scent is evocative to say the least.

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Journey Candle $22

Who doesn't love a good candle! The Wild Fuji milk bottle soy, hand poured beauty is sure to be your favourite - you'll be transported back to the Japanese hot springs in Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, relaxing with the Macaques or watching them roll snowballs together.  Wild Fuji, a French Pear scented soy candle will cease your cravings; filling your room with a warming scent that’s perfect for relaxing with for up to 55 hours.

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