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Support I Got Your Back Pack

Support I Got Your Back Pack

For all of March we are supporting I Got Your Back Pack by donating $10 from every purchase made.

I Got Your Back Pack is a registered charity based on the Hibiscus Coast of Auckland, providing back packs for women and children who enter the love and care of Women's Refuge New Zealand.

They fill the back packs with important basic items like water, food, toiletries, toys and books for children, and with the unwritten message that there is love and support out there for them. It says "we are here for you and we understand".

Domestic violence is a major human rights issue across the world, and one of New Zealand's most serious social issues. One in three women in New Zealand will experience an abusive relationship, with many more coming dangerously close.

When a woman decides to leave her partner due to domestic violence, she doesn't have time to think, she doesn’t have time to pack, she is fleeing for a reason and that reason may be home at any moment; she leaves with nothing, and that's where we come in.

They can't do it alone, shop now and support I Got Your Back Pack or visit their website to donate directly

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