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Skincare Secrets We Swear By 

Skincare Secrets We Swear By 

We’ve all got them. Those little skin-loving tips and tricks that we’ve picked up throughout our lives that just work! Whether they were passed down by our Mums, learnt during our teen years or a tip we’ve picked up from the pros that we’ve never let go, we’ve all got a skincare secret that we practice in our routine each day. At Seed+Soul, we think the best skincare secrets are the ones shared with everyone which is why we’ve complied some of our very own skincare secrets for you right here! Let’s glow.


Good oils can remove bad oils

Oils are one of our most-loved skincare ingredients thanks to their versatility, nourishment and just downright incredible results! One of our top skincare secrets is to not be afraid of oils in skincare. One way to effectively introduce an oil-based product into your routine is through cleansing. Introducing an oil into our evening cleansing routine gives our skin an ultra-thorough cleanse without the uncomfortable tight and dry feeling. Oil cleansers effectively dissolve the days makeup, dirt and grime whilst taking along any unwanted pore-clogging nasties like sebum overproduction. Despite it sounding counterproductive, this is why oily skin types can truly benefit from adding the good oils into their routine.


A good bedtime routine seriously supports the skin

Now, we’re not just talking about removing your makeup before bed, although that is so damn important… please remove your makeup! A good bedtime routine allows your mind, body and skin to recognise it is rest time, slow down and begin to recoup and replenish before another busy day. One of the key ways that we can do this is by setting boundaries with our devices.
The blue light from our phones, tablets and laptops are not only causing damage to ours eyes but they’re confusing our body. It has been indicated that prolonged exposure to blue light at night can confuse our body’s natural circadian rhythm, causing it to ‘think’ it is daytime and not late at night.
This impacts the natural repair process our skin kickstarts during the evening and leads to dark under-eye circles, pigmentation and accelerated ageing. The skin essentially doesn’t know when to start and stop this process! So, give your skin the best chance at renewal and set an alarm to stop mindlessly scrolling and put your phone away.


Create an exfoliating routine (and stick to it)

When it comes to exfoliation, balance is absolutely key. Too much and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to irritation and barrier disruption; too little and you’re left feeling flaky and disappointed in the performance of your skincare and beauty products.
The secret to smooth skin and better performing products is exfoliation. This is because exfoliation speeds up our cell renewal process and removes dead and underperforming skin cells and replaces them with fresh and youthful ones. Regular exfoliation allows the likes of serums and moisturisers to penetrate deeper into the skin as well as beauty products like foundation to sit more evenly and longer on the skin. 
So, what’s the magic number? For most skin types, no more than 3 times per week.


Your undereye skin is delicate, treat it with care

If the latest hair claws and corduroy pants trends see you saying, “I remember these”, it’s time to take proper care of your undereye area. As the skin around your undereye area is much thinner, it is significantly more delicate than the rest of your face. Because of this, it shows the signs of ageing much quicker and is prone to puffiness and dark circles.
One of our top skincare secrets is to understand the difference between the skin around your eyes versus the rest of your face and treat it accordingly. Ingredients like Vitamin C, Rosehip and even our golden elixir of life, coffee, are fantastic ingredients to give your undereye area some love. A simple roll of our Peeper Perfector each morning is our oh so simple secret to brightening up your undereyes and staying on top of the signs of ageing.


Your skin doesn’t stop at your face


Let’s face it. Nobody wants to invest their time, energy and money into a smooth, tight and youthful looking face if their neck and chest are telling a different story. A skincare secret we’re sharing with you all is to bring those skincare products down to your chest because this skin needs some lovin’ too!
Your neck and chest both experience the signs of ageing, unwanted pigmentation and the odd breakout so it’s time to start giving them the skincare love they deserve. Essentials such as your cleanser, exfoliants and treatment products can all work their magic on your neck and décolleté to create one cohesive complexion and start to treat any concerns or prevention you may have.

What are your skincare secrets? We would LOVE to know! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to spill the beans.

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