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SKIN SERIES: Your Oily Skin Questions Answered

SKIN SERIES: Your Oily Skin Questions Answered

So, you’ve got co-star up and running with your moon signs, you know you’re a total Enneagram 6 and don’t even get you started on whether you’re team Hemsworth or Pratt (Hemsworth, obviously) but what about your skin type?
Knowing your skin type sets your skin up for success. Understanding why your skin behaves how it does and the go-to ingredients to keep it looking its best all comes back to knowing your skin type.
Each month, we’ll dive deep into a skin type to reveal what makes it tick, its go-to products and common misconceptions about managing it. Kicking off our Skin Series is oily prone skin.


So, you think you’ve got an oily skin type?

If your skin resembles a freshly glazed donut by mid-afternoon, then it’s time to look into your skin type. Oily skin types will generally experience shine on their t-zone, chin and cheeks which is caused by an overproduction in sebum, the oil responsible for blackheads, congestion and acne.
We get it. It’s a real pain. Caused from hormonal imbalances, genetics or when the skin’s natural oils have been stripped away too often (such as overdoing it with the exfoliants), oily skin is so thirsty that it overcompensates by producing more and more sebum. When not managed correctly, this supercharged flow of sebum continues to block pores and leave it nowhere to go but as acne and congestion on the skin.

It’s time to become a cleansing champion

Oily skin types should prioritise a diligent cleansing system each day. A skincare routine staple, cleansing is going to remove your daily makeup, plus any dirt, grime and pollutants that have made their way onto your skin during the day.
When it comes to oily skin types, your cleansing routine should work hard for your skin by helping to dissolve oil and fight blemishes before they even begin. Look to incorporate a cleanser that hero’s salicylic acid. Don’t be frightened by the word acid! This high-performance ingredient is loved by oily skin types as it’ll not only support a thorough cleanse but dual as your exfoliant.


Salicylic acid works deep within the skin as it travels into your pores and begins to breakdown unwanted oil. This purification of your pores dissolves excess sebum and dead skin cells which helps to prevent the formulation of blackheads and breakouts - perfect for oily skin types!

Repeat after us. Oily skin types are all about balance. Overusing products like salicylic acid can cause the skin to dry out and you guessed it, boost oil production. Incorporate this dual cleansing and exfoliant treatment 1-2 times per week to avoid any nasty stripping or dehydration.


Hydration is your new BFF

We’re here to debunk the myth that moisturisers are going to worsen your oily skin! Oily skin lacks hydration and when its left feeling thirsty, the skin overcompensates by producing more oil. Yikes.


When quenching your skin’s thirst with moisturisers, oily skin types are going to want to opt for non-comedogenic products. Whilst hydration is the name of the game, we don’t want to be blocking pores even more with ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter or petroleum.


Get the most out of your hydrating products by applying to damp skin. Oily skin beauties will love our Aloha Hoa Mist Toner as we’ve paired the goodness of uplifting citrus with pore conquering apple extract and willow bark extract. Spritz across your face and follow with our Blank Face, Baby Moisturiser. Packed with natural astringents like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree, this moisturiser is not only going to address excess oil and bacteria but help soothe and calm the inflammation that comes with breakouts.


Oil for oily skin? You’ve got to be kidding me!

No, really! Hear us out. The oils found in nourishing products like Cleansing Oils and Face Oils are completely different to the pesky oils your skin is overproducing. This means, they’re not adding more oil to your repertoire but rather feeding your thirsty skin hydrating and restoring ingredients. As we’ve learnt today, your skin type needs hydration to regulate oil production and our Turn-Back-Time Face Tonic is your match made in skin lovin’ heaven. Packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this baby is all about balancing and soothing complexions.


Ready to get your skin under control? We’ve made getting started with all vegan and cruelty-free skincare simple! Shop by skin type via our website today.   

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