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Skin Series: tackling redness and temperamental skin

Skin Series: tackling redness and temperamental skin

Unlike other skin concerns, redness and inflammation can’t always be pinpointed to just one thing.

Damage to our skin’s barrier, the climate and environment around us, how we’re nourishing our body and mind to even some medications can all be contributors to compromised skin and leave us in desperate need of a calm and soothing solution.

When faced with temperamental skin, it’s all about finding balance and calm. Already aggravated enough, we don’t want to be slathering on different potions and lotions, only to find it’s doing more harm than good. Thankfully, we’ve put together a collection of skin-loving tips and tricks to leave your skin feeling cool, calm and collected.


Anti-inflammatory skincare will be your knight in skincare armour

When your skin is feeling extra-sensitive or red, it’s generally the result of inflammation. Inflammation is caused when our body is going into defence mode to protect the skin against an attack and can leave the skin feeling itchy, blotchy or swollen. This is why it’s time to start reaching for skincare loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits like aloe vera, vitamin c, witch hazel and neroli hydrosol.
Our hero skin calmer is neroli hydrosol, a divine citrus scented superstar that is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory benefits. This ingredient has a cooling and soothing sensation when applied to the skin which brings welcomed calm to inflammation. Whilst your skin is experiencing an instant relief, neroli hydrosol is boosting cell regeneration to speed up your natural healing process and bring the calm back sooner.
These incredible skin benefits are why neroli hydrosol is the hero of our Aloha Hoa Mist Toner, our hand-blended toner that our customer liken to sunshine in a bottle. Spritzed after cleansing and before your serums and moisturisers, Aloha Hola Mist Toner is our go-to for uplifting the spirit and calming the complexion.

Don’t overdo it

We know how much fun it is playing with the latest and greatest beauty products but redness beauties, now is the time to put down the excess products and focus on rebuilding your barrier.
Overdoing it by applying countless active skincare products and over-exfoliating your skin is going to further aggravate your compromised skin and make your redness and inflammation worse. When too many of these ingredients are applied to already sensitive skin, our skin’s natural response is total alarm bells! Instead, managing your redness begins with replenishing the integrity of your skin, finding that unique balance and then, potentially reintroducing one of your faves to the skincare mix.

Look internally to calm externally

It sounds cliché but it’s absolutely true that glowing skin begins from within – especially when it comes to redness and temperamental skin. How we fuel, nourish and give back to our mind and body can have a significant impact on how our skin looks and feels.
For more significant skin redness concerns, like rosacea, introducing an anti-inflammatory diet can be a total gamechanger. Avoiding spicy foods, refined sugar, fried treats and excess alcohol are all examples of the ways we can support our skin from within. Anti-inflammatory foods including tomatoes, essential fatty acids (think fish and oils) and green leafy vegetables help to minimise our internal inflammation and support stronger, calmer skin cells.
Stress can also play havoc on our skin, especially those prone to redness flare ups. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, our body prepares itself for battle and releasing inflammation-causing chemicals. It’s in these moments that we start to see the effects of stress show up on our skin through increased sensitivity, redness and rosacea flare ups. This is why mindfulness is a priceless practice to learn. Supporting so many parts of our overall wellbeing, including our skin, harnessing ourselves with stress-reducing tools can help keep our redness in check and manage unexpected flare ups.

Avoid sun aggravation

If you’re prone to redness and inflammation, the sun is not your best friend. Whilst our daily dose of Vitamin D is essential, the impacts of UVA and UVB rays is not. That’s why all skin types, especially sensitive ones, should practice proper sun care each and every day.
If your skin is already affected by inflammation, sunburn is only going to aggravate this more and make it harder to treat. With UV rays on the prowl during all hours of the day, it’s important to ensure you’re regularly reapplying your SPF product. Look for a fragrance-free, physical sunscreen, crafted from zinc, to ensure your daily sun protection isn’t contributing to any unnecessary flare ups. Paired with a fabulous wide-brimmed hat, you’re on your way to a brilliant daily anti-redness ritual.


Discover calmer, happier skin with Seed+Soul Skincare. Check out our website to shop our range of skin-loving, natural skincare products today!


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