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Skin Series - pigmentation & uneven skin tone

Skin Series - pigmentation & uneven skin tone

Freckles, sunspots, dark patches and uneven complexions are all signs of pigmentation. A stubborn concern to treat, it can be tricky to banish unwanted pigmentation! Fortunately, a solid at-home skincare routine can certainly point you in the right direction and help you to welcome a more even and brighter complexion sooner.

So, what exactly is pigmentation?

Pigmentation is caused by an increase of melanin within our body. Melanin is the pigment behind the colour of our skin, hair and eyes and when triggered, by a number of internal and external factors, can see it cause inconsistencies on our skin. The three main contributors to pigmentation are post-inflammatory, sun damage and hormonal responses.

If you’ve experienced breakouts or acne during your life, you would know the frustrations of the scars it can leave behind. Post-inflammatory pigmentation presents as darker or redder spots on the skin where a breakout has been aggravated or picked in the past. It will usually fade overtime with appropriate skincare.

The most common form of pigmentation includes freckles and sunspots caused by the sun. Sun-induced pigmentation is often one of the easiest forms of pigmentation to prevent but if left neglected, a tricky one to treat! The result of too much time in the sun can exposure your skin to UVA and UVB rays as well as nasty free radicals in our polluted environment.

Thirdly, pigmentation can be trigged by our hormones and when they experience a significant shift. Commonly known as melasma, this kind of pigmentation appears as a patch or splotch of pigmentation rather than smaller freckle-like spots. Often referred to as a “pregnancy mask”, melasma is most commonly found on women during and post-pregnancy.

Whatever pigmentation you are experiencing, it’s crucial to have a solid skincare regime backing you up. Fortunately, we’ve got the glow down one four skincare habits to take note of when addressing pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

It’s all about the vitamins

If pigmentation is cramping your style, Vitamin C is about to add some serious glow to your world. Vitamin C is extremely talented at lightening and brightening skin, especially those wanting to tackle pesky pigmentation. Vitamin C communicates directly with your pigmented cells and inhibits them from becoming darker and more prominent – pretty impressive, right?!

Antioxidants are your BFF

Antioxidants are very special skincare ingredients as they have the ability to not only address your existing pigmentation but help to prevent future free radical damage. If you don’t know about free radicals, you’re about to get a serious skin reality check.

Throughout our day, our skin is prone to exposure of pollutants, sun damage, cigarette smoke and chemicals in the air that trigger an overload of free radicals. Free radicals cause an imbalance within our skin known as oxidative stress. When our skin experiences oxidative stress, it causes unwanted inflammation, a breakdown of collagen and hinders our skin’s immunity, leading to uneven skin tone. 

Fortunately, one way to combat free radicals is antioxidants. Like a superhero cape wrapped around your skin, antioxidants can help to fight off the free radicals and help your skin recover from oxidative stress. Vitamins C, B and E are all loaded with skin protecting antioxidants that keep your skin functioning at its best. Not only do these antioxidants help to nourish and feed your skin with pigmentation-busting benefits but when applied daily, help to prevent the formation of future pigmentation.

Never underestimate your evening routine

Never underestimate the importance of that essential daily step of your PM skincare routine – the double cleanse. Now, we’re not talking about a swift wipe over, we’re talking a thorough, deep cleanse of your complexion to treat your skin after a long day of being fabulous.

Now that you’ve learnt the impact of free radicals on the skin, you can imagine the importance of ensuring your skin is prepped and primed for those evening antioxidants. Removing sweat, pollutants, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells, a thorough double cleanse at night effectively removes these impurities and stops any pigmentation-causing bacteria in its tracks.

Two pumps of our Biological Agent Cleansing Oil is the perfect starting point to your evening double cleanse. Massage over dry skin for at least one minute, taking note of covering all of the crevasses in this anti-inflammatory potion. Remove with a warm washcloth and begin your second cleanse. Our uplifting Ain’t No Slap In The Face cleanser is a hydrating, creamy formulation that is going to finalise your cleansing process and capture anything missed in the initial step. Removed with a warm washcloth, your skin should be looking and feeling fresh and oh so clean.

Take your routine to the next level by adding our Step-Up Face Scrub every second or third day. This gentle, antioxidant-rich exfoliation will speed up the skin renewal process and remove dead skin cells. This makes way for fresher and brighter skin cells that promote a more even complexion!

Your #1 insurance policy against pigmentation

It goes without saying that one of the simplest ways to prevent excess pigmentation is to protect your skin from the sun. Proper application of sunscreen and smart sun habits (like a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses) each and every day will help you prevent nasty UVA and UVB damage and ultimately, that stubborn pigmentation that comes with it.

Even the shortest amount of time in the sun comes with pigmentation-inducing consequences so whenever it’s time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, don’t forget your insurance policy.

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