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Our Story

Karen and I both suffer from sensitive skin and I also suffer from eczema, desperate to find some relief we started whipping up handmade moisturisers in Karen’s kitchen.

The products were a hit so we were inspired to formulate a responsible skincare line using plant-derived ingredients and combine our passion for natural wellbeing and a healthy environment and bring that to the rest of NZ.

The fact is much of what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, you wouldn’t swallow chemicals so why put them on your skin? Traditional paraben-filled, synthetic products cannot only have a negative effect on our health but also our environment.

When developing a product we take into account not only the impact it has on your skin and the environment but also your mind and soul. We believe beauty comes from within so we use a holistic approach and incorporate aromatherapy into our products to repair inside and out.

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