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New season, new skincare? Here’s why changing up your routine should be seasonal.

New season, new skincare? Here’s why changing up your routine should be seasonal.

It’s that time again. The time when us southern hemisphere skincare lovers pack away with the swimsuits and pull out the sweaters. Autumn has well and truly kicked off for many of us and it’s time to review our skincare routine.


The seasonal change can play havoc with our skin which is why we shouldn’t rely on our summer stash to see us through the colder months. During these chillier months, our skin requires more nourishment and hydration than it perhaps did in Summer. An easy way to understand its importance is thinking of your skincare routine like your seasonal wardrobe.


You don’t head out on a snowy winter day in a summer dress, right? No. Just like the clothes you choose to match the weather outside, the skincare choices you make should offer you that same protection. Read on as we cover the four essential steps of a solid skincare routine and what products you should be reaching for this Autumn.



During the colder months, your skin will often produce less oil so it’s time to switch out that lightweight cleanser for something that locks in necessary hydration whilst doing a great job at removing daily dirt and debris. We love switching over to an oil or balm-based cleanser during the cooler months as these cleansers help to ensure that we’re not stripping our skin and disrupting the balance.


Our pick is our Biological Agent Cleansing Oil, a luxurious blend of 5 nourishing oils to gently but oh so effectively cleanse your skin each day without stripping it of its natural moisture. Bringing the balance your skin craves, this oil cleanser celebrates the uplifting benefits of Ylang-Ylang whilst Bergamot tackles uneven skin tone and breakouts. Pretty impression duo, right?!


The cooler months can also bring on an increase in flakiness and dryness on your skin. This is because our skin’s natural shedding process can slow down over those gloomier seasons (we can relate) and can lead to sensitivity and clogged pores. To speed up the cell renewal process, it’s important to get yourself into a solid exfoliation routine.


Not too much and not too little, finding the sweet spot for Autumn exfoliation helps to keep your skin hydrated, your collagen production on point and aid better penetration of your skincare products. For most skin types, exfoliating 2-3 times per week can keep flakiness at bay.



For most of us, we’ve been turning to a lightweight moisturiser for the last few months to keep our hydration on point. During the cooler months ahead, our skin is exposed to an increase of wind, warm heaters and hot showers, which despite total essentials, are stripping our skin of hydration and natural moisture. Consequently, our skin needs to replenish what it’s been missing out on.


Like a Winter coat for your skin, a thicker moisturiser will help seal in hydration and help to prevent dry patches on the skin. Especially if your complexion is prone to redness and sensitivity, this is your coat of armour against inflammation. We love our Calm The Face Down moisturiser for this as it’s packed with essential fatty acids and rosehip to nourish dry and dehydrated skin whilst invigorating Pink Grapefruits helps bring the good vibes when we’re longingly missing the beach.



Just like your cleanser, your toning routine should be bringing all the balance to the table. During colder months, your toner should be free of stripping alcohol and instead be another opportunity to give your complexion a serious hydration boost. Applying a toner before your treatment products such as serums, helps to aid penetration and allow them to work harder for your skin.


We always go for a toner with Vitamin C during colder months as this amazing antioxidant helps the skin to retain moisture whilst protecting it from harmful free radicals in the windy weather. For extra bonus points, Vitamin C is also going to help correct any extra pigmentation caused in Summer. Our Aloha Hoa Mist Toner is your daily dose of Vitamin C to calm and balance your complexion. Plus, it totally smells like sunshine!



If you’ve been thinking about introducing a face oil, the cooler months is the perfect time to start. One of our favourite ways to give back to our skin, a face oil offers some incredible immediate and long-term skin benefits. During the months where our skin will take all the nourishment it can get, a face oil truly gets to shine. It gets to work fast on impaired barriers


Loaded with essential fatty acids (something our body cannot naturally produce), face oils feed our skin remarkable hydration and nourishment. Thanks to their unique formulation, some face oils, like those featuring Marula Oil, can penetrate deep into the skin and start working where it matters most.


Plus, they leave your skin absolutely glowing throughout the day and who doesn’t want that.


Shop these cooler month must-haves by visiting our online store. All products featured today can be found under these exact skincare step headings! We’re helpful like that.





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