If you know me, you probably think that me and minimalism shouldn't be used in the same sentence. I can often be found perusing Kmart at 11pm but I like many others I am beginning to see the error of my fast fashion, shopping addicted ways, I'm not only having a negative effect on the environment and the global economy but also my mental health.

If you've watched/read/heard the hit The Minimalists you know that it isn't about counting possessions but making sure that everything has a purpose and focusing on harbouring and nurturing meaningful relationships.

So how do we do that, without, well... becoming a dirty hippy?

    1. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. It seems obvious but for some of us we have over complicated our lives and relationships for so long it isn't! 
    2. Spend 10 minutes per day just stretching - so total you time that doesn't require any accessories or equipment
    3. Don't spend money for 24 hours, pack your lunch, call your mum instead of brunching with the girls do anything but whip out the card 
    4. Clear all the surfaces in your room, declutter physically to declutter mentally
    5. Unsubscribe from any emails you don't read or find helpful
    6. Stay media free after dinner, by all means watch MKR learn some new recipes but don't let it take over your life 

Make a few small changes everyday and watch your relationships grow.


Zahn x 

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