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From dark circles to crow’s feet, we answer your eye brightening questions

From dark circles to crow’s feet, we answer your eye brightening questions

From hand cream, body moisturiser to face oil, there’s a skincare product for just about every part of the body. So, with that being said, why do people get so confused when it comes to dedicated eye products?


As we reach our early 20’s, our collagen production takes a downward slope and the reality of skin ageing really kicks in. This further emphasises the importance of having skincare that supports your complexion and works to strengthen, nourish and replenish it.
So, if you’ve seen the latest fashion trends and movie remakes circulating right now and thought “hey, I remember the original”, it’s time to get serious about your skincare, especially around the eyes. 
Today is all about how this game changing product is more than meets the eye (we couldn’t help ourselves).

Why do I need a dedicated eye product?

The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin. In fact, at just 0.5mm, it’s the thinnest part of your skin. As a result of this, it’s more prone to the impact of sensitivity, irritation and reaction and benefits greatly from dedicated eye products. 
The eye area also has no present oil glands, unlike other parts of the face, so when it comes to dryness and dehydration, this area is on constant lookout.
When we think about skincare products designed to combat breakouts or banish pigmentation, they’re generally quite potent with actives and too much for this delicate eye area to manage. This is why a dedicated eye cream or oil works wonders. You’re able to still spot treat those individual skin concerns whilst nurturing the eye area.

What is the difference between an eye cream and an eye oil?

A browse through our collection of products will have you notice that our dedicated eye product, Peeper Perfector, isn’t a traditional eye cream. Instead, it’s a concoction of delightful oils and actives that is rolled onto the area.
Eye oils serve a similar function to your traditional eye creams, except like the name suggests, using oil rather than water as a carrier. We love this because it allows us to harness an abundance of all-natural botanicals in our products that target more than one eye-ageing concern. Rather than just addressing puffiness or fine lines, we’re able to address them all simultaneously. Yay!
Eye oils are incredibly kind to more sensitive skin types as it has a deeply nourishing effect on the skin. They’re also a must for those that deal with puffiness around the eyes as they’re incredibly lightweight and don’t weigh down the delicate skin in that area.
There’s a misconception that eye oils cannot fulfil the hydration and moisturising benefits of an eye cream but we’re here to debunk that because it’s all about the ingredients in your product!
For example, our Peeper Perfector heroes Rosehip Oil which is a superstar at both hydrating and moisturising. Thanks to its rich essential fatty acid structure, Rosehip Oil supports acute hydration whilst locking in moisture that is easily absorbed by the skin. A natural Vitamin A, it not only delivers in the hydration department but works to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What ingredients should I be looking out for?

Every eye product is made differently with varying formulations but in general, we would recommend prioritising eye products that have an abundance of protective antioxidants, are going to both moisturise and hydration (remember, they’re two different things!) and address concerns like the signs of ageing.
For us, it was all about combining the hardest working ingredients to deliver an all-in-one style eye oil.
In addition to our powerhouse multitasker, Rosehip Oil, we celebrated the antioxidant benefits of Kakadu Plum and Carrot Seed Oil to reduce the impact of UV light on the skin, which in turn, contributes to premature ageing.
To bring calm to sensitive or irritated undereyes, Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose and Lavender all step in to soothe and nurture the eyes and welcome back much needed brightness.
The superstar of our eye oil is none other than your morning cup of ambition – coffee! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, caffeine helps to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles in the eye region. Paired with impressive antioxidant benefits, caffeine hydrates and replenishes the area, protecting it from further damage. Just like those few first sips in the morning, this ingredient is our secret weapon for energising tired eyes.

How do I apply an eye oil?

We recommend applying morning and night in a half-moon shape around the orbital bone – aka the eye socket area. A big misconception with eye products is that you have to get right up under the lower lashes for it to work its wonders when really, it should be applied lower as it will work its way up there due to your natural facial movements. This will also prevent the product from getting in your eyes, as many eye product newbies experience.
As Peeper Perfector is an oil-based product, we recommend applying after your daily moisturiser and before your sun protection. This ensures your other products can penetrate effectively into the skin and your oils can seal in the goodness!

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