Connect with nature: Start a vegetable patch

Starting a vegetable or herb garden is super easy, can be done anywhere AND is uber rewarding. I can just see the smug look on your face now when you bite into your first homegrown lettuce sandwich!

I'm new to gardening and but I am already in love, not only is it rewarding to pick my own basil as I need it but it is a great outlet after a stressful week, and there is good reason why:

  • Being outside exposed to the sunlight, soaking up that Vitamin D and light actually triggers a happy response in our brain. 
  • It's meditative, the garden offers a quiet space for contemplation and is often repetitive and focused giving our mind space to breath.
  • The physical activity is an outlet for the stress we store as tension in our bodies.
  • And what better way to connect with nature than by watching it do its magic right before your eyes.

Ready to give it ago? Here are few tips to get off to a good start

If you're new to gardening, start off easy, a few pots planted with seedlings, or if you're brave seeds. Try mint, parsley and basil.

The trick is to give your new little babies nutrients, just like like us plants need a healthy diet and for them (also like us) it comes from the earth.

To do this you'll need compost to build the structure and texture, increases airflow and water retention, stabilise pH levels and support essential bacteria. You can buy compost at a garden store or make your own. Composting is my new obsession - not only has it reduced our rubbish outgoings but we now have our own organic plant superfood. 

If you'd like to make your own compost, find out how here -

Once you've got the soil sorted and your seedlings planted all that is left to do is water, water, water or at least when the soil feels dry.

Oh and don't forget to harvest. As a newbie I was afraid to use the fruits of my labour but boy how wrong was I, this is actually an essential part of your gardening success and keeps your plants happy and productive. 


Z x 

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