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Cleansing Oil fact vs fiction 

Cleansing Oil fact vs fiction 

Cleansing your skin with oil isn’t just the latest skincare trend, it’s one of the most effective, nourishing and replenishing ways to give your skin a thorough clean each night. The thing is, when people see the word ‘oil’, they immediately approach with caution.


Why? Well, for those experiencing breakouts or congestion, the idea of adding more oil to their face seems absolutely ridiculous! We’re here to breakdown more than just the makeup and spf on your face. Today is all about oil cleansing and separating the facts from the fiction.


“Oil cleansers are going to make me breakout and clog my pores” – FICTION!


We get it. If breakouts and congestion are on your radar, you want to avoid literally anything that’s going to contribute to them. We’re here to set the record straight, once and for all, that oil cleansers are not here to make your breakouts worse. The oil (known as sebum) that contributes to an oily skin type is very different to the oil you find in a cleanser. In fact, many oily skin types experience an overproduction in sebum because their skin is craving hydration and is trying to overcompensate.
Not all oil cleaners are made the same but when introducing the right oils through skincare products, we’re able to give the skin the deep clean it needs without stripping it off its necessary moisture and hydration.
When it comes to oil cleansers, ‘like attracts like’ so, they actually welcome much relief to congested and oily skin types by gravitating towards clogging substances and washing them down the drain with dirt, makeup and grime. Think of it like ‘the good oils dissolve the bad oils’.


“Oil cleansers can remove my makeup much more effectively” – FACT!

Ohhh yes. If oil cleansers had to name their #1 talent, removing makeup would be it. If you wear a full face of makeup every day, oil cleansing is going to seriously level-up your evening routine. When massaged into dry skin (yes, dry!), the oil cleanser binds to surface impurities on the skin. This includes makeup, dirt, grime, thick sunscreen, you name it. As you massage it into the skin, it is emulsifying your makeup (even tubular mascara), pulling the impurities from the pores and dissolving it.
Oil cleansers are a game changer for makeup wearers as more often than not, standard foaming or gel cleansers haven’t quite cut it when effectively removing makeup in one step. Oil cleansers deliver an incredibly thorough cleanse without that tight and dry feeling from multiple cleanses with its counterparts.  


“Oil cleansers are going to leave my skin greasy” – FICTION!

This is a common misconception about oil cleansers. Whilst their consistency is thicker than your gel or foaming cleansers, oil cleansers are easily removed with a warm washcloth. Oil cleansers are produced from natural oils and complementary ingredients that allow them to emulsify when they come into contact with water. When effectively removed with water, you’re left with hydrated, plump and nourished skin. Not only do oil cleansers leave you with a plump complexion but they also help you to avoid that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling you can experience from skin that has been over-cleansed and stripped.


“Oil cleansers can be used in conjunction with other cleansers” – FACT!

You sure can! Oil cleansers can seamlessly fit into a double cleansing routine. Double cleansing is particularly popular for those that are removing an excess of makeup or thick sunscreen products. An oil cleanser fits into a double cleansing routine as the first step. Applied to dry skin, the oil cleanser will kick things off by melting away the makeup, dirt and impurities before the second cleanse will confirm that every inch of impurities has been removed from the skin.
Having an oil cleanser as part of this routine supports the skin from feeling stripped as you’re replacing one of the two cleanses with a much more nourishing and hydrating option.
Our two cleansers, Biological Agent Cleansing Oil and Ain’t No Slap In The Face creamy cleanser work brilliantly together to effectively remove makeup, dirt, grime and impurities and leave the skin feeling uplifting, refreshed and totally in balance.


Ready to give oil cleansers a try? Check out our range of naturally formulated cleansers to refresh and awaken your complexion. 

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