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3 ways to step up your sustainability game in 2021

3 ways to step up your sustainability game in 2021

When it comes to creating more sustainable habits in life, many turn a blind eye as they think it will be too difficult or expensive, but the truth is, it can be incredibly simple and affordable. In fact, in some cases, stepping up your sustainability game can actually save you money in the long term!

This month, we’re sharing 3 ways you can contribute to a cleaner and happier world thanks to easy and affordable sustainability hacks.

How sustainability and sweet sweet coffee go hand-in-hand

Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian

Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian from Love Te Reo

If you’re anything like us, your local barista plays a significant role in your life. Unfortunately, that golden go-go juice each morning often comes in a single-use cup that contribute to the billions of coffee cups that make their way into landfill each year.

Switch up your morning coffee cup for a reusable one and make a serious mark on reducing the number of single-use items our world consumes. Available in so many different sizes, colours, types and budgets, the investment in a reusable coffee cup is a simple and stylish way to support sustainability. As an added incentive, some cafes will even offer you a small discount for providing your own cup!

 Give the gift of eco-friendly wrapping


When you think of Christmas and birthdays, do the mountains of wrapping paper, sticky tape and ribbons come to mind? Same. Enter Furoshiki.

Furoshiki is incredibly popular in Japan and is known as the art of wrapping with fabric. Traditionally used to transport food, clothing and gifts, this stylish method of gift wrapping eliminates the use of paper and instead, celebrates reusable pieces of fabric 

Not only does this style of gift wrapping look amazing but it’s super easy to do too! Even the trickiest shaped gifts are now easier than ever to wrap as there is no fear of ripping the paper or having to use it in excess to look professionally wrapped.

 With Furoshiki, you simply wrap the gift in your chosen fabric and tie the top of it! Tied in a bow, a neat knot or if you’ve watched a YouTube tutorial or two, a cute origami-inspired finish, cloth wrapping paper is the gift that keeps on giving. Your recipients can reuse the fabric for their own gifts or upcycle into a head scarf, handkerchief, napkin or scarf (just to name a few).

Reduce single-use plastics (including during your beauty routine) 

It goes without saying that plastic is one of the key contributors to landfill and pollution all across the globe. From bringing your own shopping bags to the supermarket, switching out your single-use sandwich bags for reusable silicone ones to saying no to plastic cutlery, straws and cups (and instead, opting for your own bamboo or metal ones), there are endless ways we can be seamlessly reducing the amount of plastic we utilise in our day-to-day lives.

One sustainability hack that you may not have considered is reducing the use of plastic bottles in your beauty routine by choosing skincare brands that are committed to eco-friendly practices. Reducing our footprint wherever possible, Seed+Soul Skincare utilises glass bottles for our skincare products to make ditching the plastic even easier. When you’re finished with your product, you’re able to reuse the bottles as storage for bathroom and kitchen essentials, travel bottles or even storage for your favourite essential oil blend. We always love seeing how our customers recycle their Seed+Soul packaging so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and show off your own sustainability hacks.  

Creating eco-friendly products is in our ethos and this extends to how you receive your products too. Delivered in recyclable packaging, we’re ditching the plastic wherever we can to make our mark on a happier future.

Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. We hope our simple tips have inspired you to lead a greener life in 2021!

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